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Leicestershire Dogs is a small animal welfare charity with over 20 years experience  in re-homing family dogs. I work independently to foster, re-train and re-home family dogs which for a number of reasons are no longer able to stay in their present environment. I believe no healthy pet should ever be destroyed, I believe they should be kept as safe and comfortable as possible while awaiting a new home, I believe in reducing stress to any dog in my/foster khome care, therefore I keep my dogs in the care of loving family homes, I believe it is important to have a dog re-homed ASAP so it don't get too attached to it's foster carers to save confusion when going out to it's new home. I am a professional dog person with over 30 years experience as a professional family dog trainer which means I  have the experience and qualifications to to re-home your dog/s find it a forever home, carry out home checks, and to recruit strictly dog lovers to work with me. If you have a dog that is in need of re-homing look no further as my service and expertise is second to none, I strive to keep my clients satisfied every time as standard practise.

Why choose Leics Dogs?

Leicestershire  Dogs specialise in re-homing, fostering and adoption of family dogs!

  • I do not use kennels. 
  • I pay dedicated carers to act as foster homes keeping my dogs in their family home where the dog can interact with children and other pets if they have any. Therefore they get to know each and every dog's personality and character which makes it easy to match them with the right home / family.
  • My dogs get walked 3 to 4 times a day and get to socialise with other dogs,
  • They are well cared for on a day to day basis, They are  played with and taught basic obedience skills so when they go to their new homes they are more easy to handle by their new owners.
  • I strive to have all dogs re-homed within a week or so as to prevent them getting too attached to the carer which mean they will be less stressed when they have to be moved on again.