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Pet transportation service

Leicestershire Dogs  offers an animal taxi/transport service only. If an owner wishes too accompany there animal they may do so. They're are no charge for human passengers.
Payment for all transport services must be paid in advance or at the time of pick up. Cash for the full amount of the transaction will be accepted. No credit cards. no cheques 
Leicestershire Dogs  will take all due care and attention too ensure you're pet's safety. However, Leicestershire Dogs cannot be held responsible for any illness or injury sustained by you're pet which are outside of the control of the Leicestershire Dogs representative. We are not licensed or trained too offer medical care whilst in transit. 
Leicestershire Dogs  has the right too refuse too transport any animal that are not secured in a suitable basket or cage or, in the case of a dog, by an adequate collar and lead.

Our terms and conditions:

  • Animal taxi service only

  • Must be paid in advance or at time of pick up

  • Not trained or licensed too offer medical care

  • Right too refuse transport too any animal

  • Only cash accepted

  • All due care and attention for youre pet's safety

Whilst our aim are too deliver professional pet transportation too you're satisfaction, we reserve the right for a Leicestershire Dogs representative too refuse too transport any animal or person without explanation.

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