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Re-homing vulnerable dogs

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We need Home Checkers

We need a network of national volunteers to call on prospective adopters and foster homes to check the suitability of their homes and environment before we place one of our dogs with them. We try to keep this as local as possible but sometimes a dog may be going to a far away home or foster carer and we need to know that dog will be safe and secure. If this is something you would like to get involved in please complete the form on the right to register with us. Thank you.

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Important notice

This form must be filled in by all home checkers after a home check and be submitted to us with an accurate time and distance in miles along with an invoice in order to be paid, failure to do so may delay payment.

Home check report

Home checker's details

Details of who /where check carried out

Note to Home checker: Please read the adoption agreement first to ensure that you are aware of our terms and conditions. Please do not advice the prospective owner whether you have recommended them or not. Politely say that your job is to send the report to us and we will match the dog to the home if successful.

check list


1. Have they owned a dog before? 2. Do they currently have a dog, if yes is he / she spayed and vaccinated? 3. Do they have any other pets and do they appear to be well cared for? 4. Are there any children in the house? How old are they? 5. Do they appear to dog savvy? For example, do they know that a dog@ bed is its quiet place and should not be disturbed? 6. Do you have any concerns about how the children and existing pets could react to a new dog. 7. What are their work patterns? How long would the dog be left for on an average day? 8. Who will look after the dog when they go on holiday? 9. Are they aware of the costs of vets for routine visits such as vaccinations, worming, flea treatments etc? 10. Do they intend to take out pet insurance? 11, Who will mainly exercise the dog? Children under 16 are not allowed to do this alone. 12. Is the home near a busy road or any potential hazards? 13. Is the garden secure and free from hazards? How high is the fencing? 14. Where will the dog sleep? 15. Where would the dog be left when the adopters are out? 16. Why did they choose the dog that they've inquired about? Do you think it is a good match? 17. Do they understand that a rescue dog may take time to settle and are they prepared to work through any problems the dog may have initially? For example-house training, chewing etc. 18. Should the Home check be successful when would they be looking to visit the foster home to meet/collect their chosen dog? Summary of home-please add any additional comments you may have, including explanations for any concern. CONDITIONS FOR ADOPTION Our main concern is the welfare of the animals-it is important that we match up the right dog with the right person/family. As a general rule -We don't re-home dogs to families with children under 5 years old. -All other pets neutered and vaccinated. -Dogs should generally not be left for more than 2 hours. These are all guidelines and if there are some exceptional homes that don't quite tick the boxes we will consider them on an individual basis, though we would never consider re-homing a rescue dog to a home that breeds or plans on breeding dogs. It is a condition of adoption that our rescue dogs must live as part of the family and should not live outdoors and we insist that only positive reward based training methods must be used. In some cases we may suggest or insist that the dog owners undertake training classes, especially in the case of puppies or adult dogs who have identified as needing ongoing training. If you adopt a puppy you will have to agree to have it neutered at 6 months at your own expense. You will also need to be able to come and get your dog if your application is successful-we do not deliver dogs to homes. All adoptions a subject to a satisfactory Home check. For a dog the minimum donation is £130 for male dogs and £150 for female dogs, maybe more depending on breed, age and sex A 3 month follow -up Home check will take place to ensure everything is going well.

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