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Leicestershire Dogs

Re-homing vulnerable dogs

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Help needed

Incentive related help required for example/ I need a driver in Scarborough Yorkshire, Derby, and Loughborough, If you have management experience and could look after a dog as and when required I would love too hear from you. 

We do things proper at Leicestershire Dogs

This link would have been sent too, you because you adopted a dog from Leicetershire Dogs and I liked youre attitude in terms of personality, mannerly, humour, energy and most of all an animal lover. This are my way of saying you guys are cool and genuine. I am trying too, build Leicestershire Dogs but can't do it on my own so I need the help of 100% dog-loving people PLEASE NOTE THIS IS NOT A JOB VACANCY it's a call for help with incentives I don't need yo too, take any calls, do any admin I will do all the donkey work all yo need too, do are help with the rescue of family dogs in youre locality.

90% of dogs needing a new home will be brought to you the other 20% you may need too, pick up and either look after it or drop it to me or a foster home. Simples!! If interested please reply too, get more details. 


I will customize a site/local branch for you too, represent and work with for example when a dog goes to a new home /get adopted you will get 50 % of the adoption fee.  Can;t put a price on that!

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