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Leicestershire Dogs

Re-homing vulnerable dogs

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Help dogs in need

All proceeds will go towards vulnerable dogs such as paying too, keep them in foster homes, so they can live in  comfortable households, interact with kids and get to socialise with other pets until re-homed

How it works

Complete form on right, once received you will be sent an email along with payment method.

Make a difference

Leicestershire Dogs don't get funding from any outside source and haven't done for over 20 plus years. Believe no healthy dog should be destroyed. By keeping dogs in foster homes it cuts out the chance of them being put down.

You will receive a membership number

Time cost money

With a membership plan in place, it will weed out them and those whom are no really genuine and don't realise we have other things to do in terms of admin, managing re-homing, adoption, fostering, adoption, advertising and  website admin 

To activate

All you need too do is make payment then call Leicestershire Dogs or text activate to 07597 526257 Simples!

Join us today!

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Starter membership FREE

Allows you

too be part of Leicestershire Dogs family

  • You can foster for Leicestershire Dogs
  • Allows you to adopt from Leicestershire dogs
  • Allows too, re-home your dog with Leicestershire Dogs
  • You can work with Leicestershire Dogs

Basic + mmbership


£25 for 12 months


  • Being able too, do adopt and re-home with Leicestershire Dogs
  • free advice
  •  Free training tricks & tips
  •  Free help to find the right dog
  • Help with boarding if going away for a bit
  • Reduced training classes if required


You can purchace your membership here

Premuim membership

£35 for 12 months


  • being able too,, adopt and re-home with Leicestershire Dogs20% off a dog available for adoption
  • 10% off re-homing fee
  • Help with transport if required subject to the available driver (fuel and time)
  • Be short-listed for any new dogs in
  • And all the above  extras

Please purchase your membership your membership plus here.

The original dog finder

But hey that service don't com free or cheap sorry with decades of experience and loads of time on my hands and sheer commitment I can find the dog you are looking for but not for random non-member prospects. Anyone can say I want this dog or that dog but talk is cheap actualy free so if you want a dog and it's not in my care thhe next option is for me to find you a dog at the right price but that will not happen unless you become a member with Leicestershire Dogs. I dont entertain time wasters and folk who just talk. Simples!!

No time wasters

Serious applicants only please


Membership registration