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Giving up your dog" 

I know giving up youre dog are one of the hardest decisions you will ever have too make. By trusting me with there care you’ll have peace of mind that my experienced staff will take care of them until the right home are found.

 What happens once I've decided too give up my dog for re-homing? 

Once I  decide too take youre dog on I will ask you too complete the online application too find out everything I need too know about the dog too help me find a suitable home. All my dogs stay in family homes and not kennels. They get plenty of exercise and playtime's, this are a good time too get too know them personally and this then gives me a picture of what type of home would best suit youre dog. 

Re-homing terms & Conditions Please read!!

Re-homing terms & Conditions Please read carefully!!

1. Please note once a dog is signed over to me Leicestershire Dogs I become the legal owner. 2. After signing over your dog to me if you decide you want it back I can decline to do so but have been known to as a goodwill gesture. 3. If I  decide to give you the dog/s back you will/may be charged £40 a day boarding fee.. 4. If I can’t re-home a dog I have the right to try to advertise/re-home it as a no-charge adoption. 5. A one-off fee of £80.00 will be charged to re-home a family dog,  please check the price guide to learn more. 6. Any dog/s that may be hard to re-home or has nipped a child I will more than likely to decline taking it on. 7. Any dogs showing signs of aggression may be automatically be rejected depending on circumstances 8. If your dog has not been vaccinated, I would appreciate information about its previous vets and may charge a fee of £40.00.

9. If your dog is not micro-chipped and you lost the records don't worry I can scan it from my end. 10. If your dog/s are in need of veterinary treatment I have the right to decline taking it on depending on how serious it is. 11. If your dog is not house trained I would like to be told. 12. Leicestershire Dogs have the right to return a dog if false information was given about the animal. 13. Leicester Dogs will not refund any donations that were donated by a client's own will. 14. Leicestershire Dogs will only search for dogs for genuine clients after having paid a donation towards my work. 15. It is common practice to complete the re-homing application in the re-homing process. 16. I do not take on any dog/s believed to have been used for dogfighting or come from a puppy farm. 17 Leicestershire Dogs is a non-destruct organization, therefore, no animals will ever be destroyed by me. 18. Leicestershire Dogs will not take on animals with any missing limbs or severe disabilities. 19. To help me in re-homing your dog/s I may suggest you drop it off to its foster home if need be. 20. I m a 100% free re-homing service but I will/may charge for transport and fuel costs. 21. If I am scheduled to pick up a dog and on arrival, the dog is gone costs will accrue


Price/re-homing fee guide

Please note this is just a rough estimate price guide I may choose to decline your dog altogether and have the right to do so subject to terms and conditions. In some cases, I may lift the re-homing fee as a goodwill gesture if you bring the dog to me and not in a position to pay a fee/donation. Genuine cases only!!

PLEASE NOTE. I do not take on dogs over the age of 5

Dog re-homing fee as standard. small to large dog with good nature, good with kids, other dogs, house trained, etc. £40.00 Donation

Dogs 3-5 years old. Small to large dog with good nature, good with kids, other dogs, house trained, etc. £80.00 Donation

Dogs with behavioral issues: Small to large dog with separation anxiety, mild aggression, etc £40.00 Donation

re-homing fees are non refundable

If while trying to find your dog a home you decide to Discriminate with my clients/prospects  home, employment status, race, or home your case will be discarded and no re-homing fee will be refunded leicestershire Dogs operate a zero tolerance to any form of discriminations or judgemental attitudes.

What some of my clients say

I wanted to find a home for my Retriever Sammy. I heard about Leics Dogs and decided to give them a call. They gave me peace of mind and were very professional and supportive. They collected Sammy and within a week they found him a really good home with a new family. Sarah from Devon 

I had an 18-month-old Yorkie from six weeks old. I decided to relocate to start a new job in Devon, I couldn't take him with me and sadly I decided to find him a new home. I didn't want him to go to just anyone. I wanted what was best for him as he meant the world to me. A friend told me about so I gave them a call. They were very professional and helpful. So I signed over Murphy to them and within a week I received a call just before I was due to leave saying he had been re-homed. I couldn't believe it and was over the moon. Great work guys. Steve, Poole, Dorset

Charity information

There are two types of charity: registered and unregistered.

Charities that receive more than £5,000 a year need to register with us. But you can still set up a charity if your income will be less than £5,000, so long as it is set up with charitable aims and you can demonstrate public benefit. Find out what this means:

Public benefit – detailed guidance

Charitable aims (purposes) – detailed guidance

All charities need a governing document – a rule book to help them run and stick to their aims. The type of governing document you need depends on the structure of your charity. Many small charities will use a constitution as their governing document. 

Do you have trust issues?

Yes? So do I which is why I require upfront re-homing fees a dog has to be walked at least three times a day, it needs to be fed, looked after on a day to day basis kept clean and healthy, re-trained and re-homed now that's having your work cut out so I'm not wasting any more time with time wasters. I'm really sorry but that's the way it was now! If you not happy talk to me, not about me. Thank you.

To combat time wasters

Half of the re-homing fee must be paid upfront. Please click the button too pay!

Re-homing application

Is this dog micro chipped?
Is it's vaccinations up to date?
If yes have you got it's paperwork?
How would you describe this dogs temperament?
Is this dog a barker?
Whats it like being left a few hours?
Has this dog lived with a cat?
What's it like with kids?
What's it like with other dogs?
Whats he like on the lead?
Has this dog got any behavioural issues?
Has it had any major accidents?
Is this dog on any special diet?
How often do you walk this dog?
Is this dog nervous on walks?
Do you ever walk it in the town/city centre?

Leicestershire Dogs is a small charity with no outside funding therefore we charge a standard one off fee of £80 to take dogs on are you in a position to make this donation?

I'm donating/paying fee of

Your details


Dog/s details