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Re-homing vulnerable dogs

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Please note the rules have changed. Firstly I would like to highlight how had this work are. IT'S HARD. Now when I've been looking after a dog for a week or two and it finally goes too a new home it's somewhat a relief in more ways than one. I can have some me time and get on with certain things, I can have a well-deserved rest, I could concentrate on admin only.

Leicestershire Dogs will no longer tolerate a client giving up an adopted dog through no fault of its own and want me to take it back within 24 hours too a week. Come on!! like I said in the adoption page adopting a dog are like adopting a child it's not perfect and never will be. WHO IS? Are you? hell no I'm certainly not.

Heres how we do things now at Leicestershire Dogs you want me too take a dog bag through no fault of its own how and when it suits you I'm sorry it will now cost you £40.00   half the standard re-homing fee if you want me to take it back with hardly any notice which will and can cause a lot of inconveniences I'm sorry it will the cot you  £80.00 the full standard re-homing fee If you want too bring it back within 24 hours.

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