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Re-homing vulnerable dogs

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Collar & lead v harness & lead

If youre dog pulls on the lead do not put a harness on it as that would actually encourage the dog to pull even more as it will be more comfortable for the dog to pull what I would call (comfort pulling) you can find the solution by clicking button. 

in house defecating & urinating during the night

If you have a dog /.young dog that has toileting issues during the night let it sleep in a cage until it realises that;s not acceptable it will not want to sleep in its own muck therefore will cross its legs until its let out in the garden in the morning that way you wont wake up to a smelly soiled house.

Jumping up

Do not encorouge youre  pup/young dog to jump up on you, members of youre household or visitors for the simple reason it will get used to doing that and it will be hard to break the habit as it get's older and that will soon become a very annoying behavioural issue

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