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The health and happiness of every dog is at the heart of our work. we believe no healthy dog should ever be put down and that every dog should have the opportunity to enjoy a happy and healthy life in a loving environment/home.

  • we understand that sometimes a dog is no longer suitable in a household the other way round sometimes and recognise the importance of finding that dog a comfortable new place to live. If your dog needs a new home then please contact Scruffs to start the re-homing process.
  • Our service is strictly confidential, non-judge-mental and FREE subject to donations.

01509 447161

Re-homing offer 1

If  you have one dog that 's in need of a new home you can get 20% off the standard re-homing fee by mentioning this post/showing this voucher no. 601959. Get in!

Re-homing offer 2

If you have two dogs in need of new homes you can get 30% off the standard re-homing fee by mentioning this post/ show this voucher code. 601967  Please note this dos'nt include dogs with issues