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Frequently asked questions

Q. I have a little dog I need to re-home, How does the system work? 
A. First of all, go to the re-homing application form fill it out upload a photo of the dog/s and submit it. 
Q. What happens after that?   
A. We will look at the form and the dog and let you know where we go from there.   
Q. Do you charge to re-home a dog?   
A. We don't charge our service is 100% free you can donate if you choose to cover costs such as transport and day to day care of the dogs.      
Q. Suppose we can't afford it?   
A. In most cases, we will still take the dog on if it is a genuine emergency case..   
Q. Suppose we don't drive?   
A. Don't worry there is no obligation to donate 
Q. How will we know when the dog has been re-homed?   
A. As a common practice, we always let you know when it is re-homed to give you peace of mind.   
Q. How will we know it will be going to the right home?   
A. We attract genuine families looking for family dogs and wouldn't let the dog go to just anyone.   
Q. Do you keep the dogs in kennels?   
A. All our dogs are kept at home or with a foster family/home. 

Q. How far would you travel to get a dog?

A.   There are no real set limits but we try to keep traveling within the 100 miles radius of Newport.


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