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Leicestershire Dogs

Re-homing vulnerable dogs

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Terms and conditions

Please read adoption terms and conditions carefully before completing this form! Thank you.

1. .Adoption fees are non-refundable and are payable on the day of the adoption. This is not payment for the pet but to go towards funding to help other pets needing my help. My minimum donation is £150 some dogs may be more depending on breed, size, and age...

2. The need for insurance is essential as the rescue will not be held responsible for the vet’s bills.

3. If the potential adopters want a dog to live outside, it can only be a dog that is already used to living outside. 4.I

 I do not re-home dogs to be used for guarding, breeding or anything other than as a family pet.

5. I do not place dogs in a family home where they will be left for longer than 4 hours a day at any one time. 6. The new adopter must agree to have the pet either neutered or spayed within 3 months if the pet, for medical or age reasons has not been neutered or spayed yet.

7. New adopters must also agree that I can keep in touch for the rest of the pet's life. A follow-up visit may be arranged.

8. I do not normally re-home dogs to people who have 3 or more dogs.

9. If there are already dogs (or other pets of the same species as the adopted pet) they must be neutered or spayed.

10. If the new adopter already has a dog, I will only usually give them a dog of the opposite sex.

11. New adopters are not allowed to re-home the pet themselves; the pet must come back to Leicestershire Dogs

12. New adopters must advise me immediately of any change in circumstances which would mean that the pet is not getting the attention etc, that the pet deserves.

13. If everything goes well at the Home Check and you are able to adopt a pet through me, you must be aware that you cannot at any time part with that pet for any reason, unless he/she comes back to Leicestershire Dogs

14. At the time of adoption, there is a donation expected to be paid for each pet. This goes towards the ever-growing vet and fostering costs and is not a payment for the dog, nor purchase of the adopted pet. This donation is non-refundable.

15. If a dog gets ill on you after adopting it being fit and healthy you will be responsible for vet fees as it left as a healthy dog

16. After a bad experience with the last client I had, I will no longer let any of my dogs go to households with kids under the age of 7 years old. as of 16/08/2019

17. Please note everything to do with adoption is done via Whatsapp video vetting, photos, etc. If you don't have this App on your phone you will need to download it to proceed.

18. Please note for health and security reasons some prospects will be video called to qualify/pass to adopt from Leicestershire Dogs especially if your photo is not displayed on Whatsapp.


Video vetting/Home check

Leicestershire Dogs has come up with a fun, smart, quick and easy way of Vetting/Home checking prospects in Scotland, England, and Wales. All you need to do is download IMO or Whattsapp Video calling app and take my video call, this way you can take me around your garden, show me members of your household, your other pets and your home inside. This is a way of cutting down costs and reduce the need of extra manpower/staff.. please call me direct for more details.

Making a payment

Please note all dogs coming from a foster home can only be paid for by card or online

We now accept all major cards

Must do

Please read terms and conditions carefully before completing this form

Adoption application

About where you live
Employment status
How long will this dog be left on it's own?
How would you confine the dog to your property?

A dog is not and won't be perfect I need to know what you can and can't deal with from a training/handling point of view

Issues I can't cope with
Issues I can cope with
Have you any disabilities?
Have you had a dog before?
Is there kids in your household?
Any other pets in your household?
Any cats in your household?
Have you got a vet?
Can you provide two references?
Do I have your permission to call your referees?
Have you tried adopting a dog from another organisation?
When was this and what was the outcome?
Have you ever been convicted or involved in animal cruelty?
Have you done any research on the breed you want to adopt?
Where did you hear about Leicestershire Dogs?
Have you read the terms and conditions carefully?

Foster home feedback optional

Only complete this form if your adopted dog was picked up from a foster home. Thank you.

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